A downloadable Throw Everything

Throw Everything Alpha - bug fix update and game optimizations

throweverything is a game where you can only throw items to attack and all items are throw-able! armor? throw it! Bow? Throw it! Food? throw it! you get the idea.

Change Log: 

All Changes For Alpha Prerelease (another bug fix update)
(Major Overhaul of the Game's Code:)**
we recoded a bunch of parts of the game to not only make it more lightweight but easier to add new features to in the future. this only improves performance by a little but (because the game was already pretty well optimized) but it will allow us to roll out features faster as the game's code is now much more streamlined.

(Minor Fixes:)
- the game will now autosave, hopefully this will help prevent save data loss. you can change this in the settings menu
- you can now access settings from in game via the pause screen
- settings will now save, (and most of them will work / do something soon)

an a whole lotta glitches :)

Install instructions

Windows: download the zip folder, unzip it, Run throweverything.EXE

Mac: download the zip, unzip it, move the app into the applications folder

if you cant run it on mac, its probably because your system blocked it (for some reason). if this happens go to your settings and allow it to run.

sometimes windows defender will block it from running. in that case click "more info" and it will say "run anyway" which will allow it to run.


TE (Mac).zip 20 MB
TE (Windows).zip 21 MB

Development log


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